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In the video, four hallucinatory clouds intermittently interfere with our reception of each speaker: swirls of moving collage that interrupt and blur the panelists’ contentious, pensive, persuasive, or rambling speech acts. The clouds of color were made by creating silkscreen monoprints with a palette representing imagined “auras,” both clear and muddy, for each panelist: magenta, pink, and blue-black for Foucault; red and black for Judy; yellow and ochre for Harp; acid, olive, and bluish greens for Laing. In the installation, four large silkscreen prints hang opposite each vertical video projection, as “mirror selves.” (left to right: R.D. Laing, Howie Harp, Judy Clark, Michel Foucault)

Installation view, “The Mirror Selves,” 4 silkscreen prints, each 28” x 52”
multimedia installation